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REMY is a young man in his 20s who is handsome and funny, who is fond of car racing and has a loving family and friends. But has a very strange problem which is that he is afraid of ghosts. His fear of ghosts is so critical, that he cannot go out at night. He also often sleeps with his mother and father because he is too afraid of ghosts. The story begins when REMY meets MAYA one day at a car autoshow and REMY falls in love at first sight. MAYA and BUDI already know each other, REMY asks for Budi’s help to introduce Maya to him. Finally with the help of BUDI, REMY managed to meet MAYA. BUDI had to feel REMY’s problems from Maya because REMY was afraid to go out at night, which caused problems for REMY who was embarrassed to tell MAYA about his problems.

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Genre: Horror
Duration: 109 Min
Language:Bahasa melayu